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Arts Council Malta, within the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, is the Commissioner of the Malta Project for the London Design Biennale 2023.


Arts Council Malta is the national agency for development and investment in the cultural and creative sectors. Its principal task is to support, fund and promote Malta’s Cultural and Creative sectors.

Arts Council Malta’s objectives are to advocate and be a strategic leader and catalyst for Malta’s cultural and creative sectors by implementing strategies that focus on:
a. Knowledge-based cultural and creative development,
b. Education and training,
c. Intelligence and data building,
d. Business development, funding and investment,
e. Diversity and communities, and
f. Internationalisation.

It also aims to promote innovation in the cultural and creative sectors and stimulate a creative ecosystem for the generation of contemporary creative content, initiate, develop and promote strategies, programmes and initiatives to enhance sectoral performance and act as a broker for the cultural and creative sectors and a bridge with other sectors.

Amongst other things, ACM works on promoting intellectual property in the cultural and creative sectors, ensures the development of a sustainable creative economy, enables and promotes the sustainable development of creative individuals and organisations, facilitates participation in and access to cultural and creative activity.

It also fosters active and participatory citizenship in culture and promote cultural inclusion, equality, diversity and the freedom of creative expression, increases the understanding, appreciation, enjoyment and expression of culture and safeguards the dynamic development of those cultural characteristics, including intellectual, linguistic, traditional and folkloric, that identify the Maltese people.